Science Discovery

Panagin's anti-cancer product line features its active ingredients of dammarane sapogenins, proprietary formulation, high oral bioavailability, as well as well-established scientific proof

  • Basic and Preclinical Research/Discovery DS Arrest Cancer Cell Proliferation and Induces their Differentiation towards Normal Morphology
  • DS Elicits Apoptosis of Cancer Cells through MultipleMechanisms
  • DS Reverses Multi-Drug Resistance in Cancer Cells DS Synergizes with Various Antitumor Agents
  • DS Reduces Tumor Size and Prolongs Survival in Heterograft Tumor Models
  • DS Inhibits Estrogen Induced Breast Cancer Growth
Science Discover Research program
Panagin launched a science & development research program, to enforce the computer aid modeling, include but not limited to Digitalized medical report, extract the knowledge from absorb of Dammarane Sapogenins compound based on Panagin’s patented SMCD (Selective Metabolites Compound Drug).
  • Analysis of the performance of Synthesis glycosides and aglucone and the derivatives and analogues contained in Ginseng.
  • Build Computer understandable medical data modal
  • Compare the cases of SMCD Ginseng extract RH-plus usage and cancer treatment, discover the clinical knowledge and advise the proper dose of the compounds.
  • Methodologies: Fuzzy logic, Knowledge Representation, AI algorithms. 
  • Research Institute Candidate: Computer Science or Computer Engineering faculty of Canadian University
  • Fund amount: CAD 30,000/annual